THEY'RE misery-mongers who believe every silver lining has a dark cloud attached. Newport’s lot constantly run down the city.

Congratulations to the Argus on the campaign to boost the good news on Newport.

Since 1973, I have represented Newport on the council and in Parliament. Not one syllable of negativity have I uttered about our fine city and its beautiful hinterland. Thousands of newcomers have relocated here. The great majority are delighted with the city and have happily remained here after retirement. I will certainly never live anywhere else.

Newport always was, is and will be great. Thanks Argus for reminding us.

• The Tory plan to carve up constituency boundaries will rob Gwent of two MPs and Wales of eleven. It’s yesterday solution that now makes no sense. Even Tories are mocking it.

Crying out for reform is the Lords. Their new Tory Leader said they have 200 surplus members. Yet Cameron is still stuffing them with Tory donors, and cronies. Brexit will axe 73 MEPs and add hugely to the work of the Commons. Tory MP Charles Walker hammered the plan to increase unelected Lords while cutting elected MPs. Speaker Berkow said it would be ‘a rum business to cut the total MPs without reducing the number of Ministers.’

Reforms are essential. But it needs all-party agreement on changes that are fair, good value to taxpayers and durable. There is no point in a piecemeal reform that just grabs a few extra seats for the Tory party.

An all-embracing Constitutional Convention is the sensible way forward.

• Lot of head-shaking when the Welsh Assembly took the bold decision to buy Cardiff Airport for the bargain price of a third the amount a Spanish company previously paid.

The investment is paying off handsomely. We still have our local airport and it’s booming. The total number of passengers has increased for an impressive 15 consecutive months.

Tory minister Guto Bebb interjected in a speech I was making to ask ‘Why is Cardiff Airport doing so well?’. ‘I told him, ‘Because it’s nationalised. A successful socialist enterprise.’

Long time since I have been able to say that.

• My life as a double front-bencher continues. It’s enjoyable and worthwhile. Thanks to my brilliant team who have risen marvelously to the challenges. They keep me buoyant with ideas and research. I’ll continue in the jobs for as long as possible.