A PREGNANT mum and resident of Newport City Homes has spoken out in disgust after she says she was left cleaning a stranger's faeces off the stairs in her block of flats over the weekend.

Jodie Rumsey said it was the latest in a long line of incidents since a lock on the communal door to the building broke nearly a year ago.

She says she has consistently complained about the situation at the Alway flats, along with several other residents, with strangers said to be constantly causing disruption.

But the seven months pregnant mum-of-one says the latest incident is just too much.

“I went to leave the flat on Sunday and it just stunk, you could smell it," she said. "I can’t believe someone would do that, it’s disgusting. I then had to clean it from the stairs and the handrail as my daughter stepped in it.

“We have been complaining about the lock for a year and they are no closer to getting it fixed. We have had paint up the walls, graffiti, rubbish left everywhere and now this.”

Ms Rumsey has lived in the Arthur Bliss Road property with her two year-old daughter, Sapphire Louise, for just over a year.

She is now considering moving out, with several of her neighbours recently deciding to leave as well, she added.

The 27-year-old said: “My partner literally had to shout down the phone to get Newport City Homes to send someone out to clean up the mess.

“They sent someone out earlier this year about the lock but he just put a plastic cover over it. I’ve spoken to them again today and they said they will send someone to looking into it, this most likely won’t be until January to February so I’m now looking to go private.

"I don't want my daughter growing up somewhere where people do stuff like this weekend."

Newport City Homes interim maintenance service manager Shaun Clarke said: “This weekend we responded to an incident of vandalism in the communal area of one of our flats.

"We responded quickly and have cleaned and assessed the area.

"In this particular case, this is the fourth time we have repaired the communal doorway following acts of vandalism.

"Vandalism is a criminal offence and we urge anyone who has any information to contact our tenancy management team on 01633 381111.”

We do have pictures of the faeces left on the stairwell but they are not suitable for publication.