LAST week we featured picture of Libanus Road, Ebbw Vale c.1908.

The ‘then’ picture shows the Market Hall, Libanus Chapel and the remains of the old gas street light on a traffic island at the bottom of Tredegar Road.

The ‘now’ picture shows the end of Market Street leading on to Libanus Road.

THE picture in the South Wales Argus is of Ebbw Vale. The then picture is of Libanus Church Chapel on Libanus Road on the right hand side. And the now picture is the end of the pedestrian shopping area of the main street which is called Market Street. On the left hand side of the now picture is where Lloyds Bank is, then a clothes shop and the last shop is where the multi storey car park is above.

C Lloyd, Crumlin THE photo shows Market Street in Ebbw Vale. The building on the left is the County Hotel, this is no longer there. Further down is Libanus Road where I got my hair cut back in the 1950’s. I think it used to cost me 9d, oh happy days.

Ronald Hayden