THE face of an unsung Newport boxing hero could become more familiar thanks to campaigners who are hoping to erect a statue in his honour.

Campaigners wanting to put up a statue of former British and Welsh Heavyweight Champion, have place portraits of the boxer in key locations across the city.

Luke Pearce is the nephew of David and he has placed 22 copies of the painting across the city.

"I though putting the picture at famous places around Newport would be a good way to raise David's profile, so I've taken them to places like the Transporter Bridge visitor centre, Rodney Parade and the South Wales Argus.

"I chose to put 22 copies of the painting because that's the number of professional fights David had." Luke added.

Copies of the painting have been placed in the following places: St Joseph's ABC, Maindee Fire Station, The Hereford Arms, Barnabas Art House, The Cross Keys, Barbers 57, North Wales Boxing Club, The Angel, Newport Leisure Centre, Newport Transporter Bridge visitor centre, Pill Harriers Rugby Club, Break & Dish, Newport Cricket Club, The Hand Post, Minstrels Sports Bar, The South Wales Argus, Pader's Celebrity Boxing Gym, Mo's Boxing Academy, Newport Central Police Station, Rodney Parade, The Civic Centre (Mayor's Parlour Office) and No Regrets Tattoo parlour.

The fundraising drive, which kicked off over a month ago, is looking to raise £30,000 to pay for the memorial to David ‘Bomber’ Pearce who was British and Welsh Heavyweight Champion in the 1980s and one the most successful boxers to come out of Newport. The appeal has already reached £4,000 with donations large and small coming in.

The plan is for the statue of the fighter to be erected in the corner of Gilligan’s Island.

There are plans to stage a number of fundraising events in the city across the coming months, but you can support the campaign now by going to the crowdfunding website

Cheques payable to ‘The David Bomber statue fund’ can be sent to: Cwm Cottage, Cwm Lane, Rogerstone, Newport NP10 9GQ