A NEWPORT school held a Great British Bake Off style event so that parents can get involved with their child's learning.

Luke Mansfield, St Julian's Primary School deputy headteacher, said: "It's important that children enjoy their learning and baking a cake is a great way for children to apply their literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and exciting way.

"For example, they need to read the recipe, weigh the ingredients, double and halve recipes for different quantities."

Thirteen baking teams got involved in the event, which was held on Friday, November 25.

"Mums, dads, aunties and grandmas joined us for our event, where they were given the task of baking a sponge cake," he said. "Some cakes were successful, others...not so much.

"It's so important for parents and teachers to work together in helping children to succeed.

"At St Julian's Primary, we try to provide as many opportunities as possible to get parents involved with their child's learning and to see what we do in school."

After the morning session, they took the cakes over to Glyn Anwen, a residential care home opposite the school.

"They loved seeing the children and talking to them about their cakes," Mr Mansfield said.