LAST week we featured a picture of Llanthewy Road, Newport.

This picture was found in Newport (Gwent) in Old Picture Postcards Volume 2 by David Jones.

The book states that shown in this picture is the Baptist Church which was erected in 1904.

There is also a house at the foot of the hill named ‘Thornbury.’ According to the book, the house caused controversy in 1897 when presented by the Welsh Rugby Union to Newport amateur rugby star Arthur Gould.

THIS is Llanthewy Road in Newport.

I walked there most of the time when I used to work in the Civic Centre.

I have quite a few friends around there.

A good friend lives there called Alan Roderick – he’s lived there for many years.

At the top of Llanthewy Road there is Risca Road - where my local pub is The Handpost.

Jim Dyer, Newport