LAST week we featured a picture of Park Square, Newport.

IT LOOKS to me like the ‘Old Man’s Park’, Park Square with what was the Gwent School of Radiography in the background.

Debbie Price, Carmarthenshire TODAY’S picture is of what was called ‘Old Man’s Park,’in Park Square.

Right in the middle of town, we played there as kids, in awe of the statue of Lord Tredegar.

The park is still there but Lord Tredegar has been moved to town centre.

The park is surrounded by what we used to call ‘posh’, large houses.

The top of Park Square has changed over the years: the RAFA Club has gone, and several have been converted to offices including one for Mental Health Team.

At the bottom is Palmyra Place where a building was renewed to accommodate people with problems.

Many memories.

Jim Dyer, Newport THIS is the park in Park Square, to us children it was always known as the Old Man’s Park after the rather imposing and frightening figure who glared out from his chair.

This statue has now been moved to Bridge Street near Westgate Square.

There was nothing to interest children in the park, no swings or slides.

At the top of the park is Victoria Road.

As a teenager I used to attend Tabernacle Congregational Church in Commercial Street.

When this closed, it merged with Victoria Road Congregational Church.

Our daughter was christened there in 1970.

This church has since closed and now is a mosque.

Just behind the cameraman’s left shoulder is Ivor Street where Park Garage had it’s premises, a rather imposing name for a rather ramshackle building but a good garage for all that.

I used to take my car there for all repairs.

Dave Woolven, Newport