LAST week we featured a picture of the Ebbw Junction Sheds in Maesglas, Newport from 1962.

Readers comments: The picture is of Ebbw Junction Engine Shed, taken from the main line from Newport to Cardiff.

All gone now, when the land from Cardiff Road to the shed had houses built on it. (Adjoining the council estate and where the Argus offices are).

Now known as Pont Ebbw.

Many great memories from the 50s when Pill kids used to pedal along the Old Road to Maesglas Bridge to train spot.

Apart from trying to sneak into the shed to see the locos, we used to scuttle down the bank and place pennies on the line to be squashed by a passing steam train.

A very smokey place!

Jim Dyer, Newport

I WAS born in that area.

I used to sit on the embankment and watch the famous trains go past.

I saw the Flying Scotsman come through and the Mallard.

Phil Ward, Goldcliff