BE AWARE Productions debut tour Enough is Enough opened with a sold-out preview performance at Newport’s Barnabas Arts House on Tuesday evening.

Written by Meltem Arikan and directed by Memet Ali Alabora, the production features four female cast members, Maddie Jones, Pınar Öğün, Francesca Dimech and Emma Daman Thomas who make up members of a band. The band however have all been affected by and dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse.

There is no easy way of addressing the subject matter, but the show takes on the form of an intimate gig allowing the characters to bare their souls as they discuss and sing about their lost childhoods while subjected to variations of sexual. Domestic, violent and verbal abuse.

The songs, all of which are written by singer/songwriter Maddie Jones, encompass a fusion of rock, punk, jazz, baroque and cajun influence while remaining melodic and heartfelt. Performed by the quartet on a variety of instruments including guitars, brass, accordion, ukulele and drums, they deliver a vibrant energy that is raw, real and emotionally charged, crossing paths with surrealism and storytelling.

Enough Is Enough challenges its audience to listen, not only to the character’s stories but to the real-life stories that inhabit our families, friends and neighbours. The Shout It All Out Session that follows the show enables the audience to make the first steps into responding to what they have seen.

Enough Is Enough will continue to tour Wales over the next month.

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