•When is a reduced charge a rip-off?...... When it’s a ‘cut’ in Severn Bridge tolls.

Three grinning Tories lined up for a picture with the Severn Bridges in the background.

They spin the myth that they are kindly reducing the 52 year highway robbery of double taxation. No. The bridges will be owned by us at the end of the year. They will be part of the UK highway system that we all pay for through our taxes. Tolls on top of that is paying twice.

Tories argue that we should pay the running costs and debts on the bridge. Why? They would be covered by a toll of £1. Those costs should be part of the national roads bill. With brazen effrontery they are proposing a £3 charge which is a new tax invented by toll junkies to milk the bridges cash cow.

My colleague Jessica Morden will lead a debate on tolls tomorrow. The truth will out. Tory grins will fade.

•All Gwent MPs disagree with their constituents’ vote on Brexit-including Brexiteer Conservative David Davies’ Monmouth constituents who voted to remain.

Nobody knows where the Brexit leap in the dark will land us. It could be in a hellhole of deepening unemployment and poverty. To refuse to start the process would be anti-democratic and deepen cynicism against politics. No Gwent MP will do that.

But Labour MPs will be vigilant when the truth on Brexit emerges. We will not support any Brexit that wrecks the Gwent economy. We will fight for the best deal for Gwent.

•????????? mport. If our neglected manufacturing industry is to be recreated, it must be constructed on foundations of steel. The Welsh Select Committee will be taking evidence on February 6th in Newport on the promising renaissance of Newport steel jobs led by Liberty House. It could be good news for jobs and renewable tidal power.

•In England farmers get vast EU handouts for owning land. In Wales it’s small subsidies for producing food. Three rich English aristocrats, the Royal family and the Mormon Church get income support of more than £500,000 each in subsidies. Welsh famers get an average of £13,000. Brexit allows us to think again on the £3 billion EU giveaway. Why not set a maximum for farm hand-outs and redistribute the cash to the NHS, manufacturing industry and small farmers in genuine need?

Welsh priorities for Welsh problems.