FOLLOWING the publication of the Argus’ article about the Unicorn Service at St David’s Hospice Care, three-year-old Phoebe Aspey said she wanted to raise money to support the 125 Appeal.

The 125 Appeal is a fundraising challenge in celebration of the South Wales Argus’ 125th anniversary.

As part of the celebrations the Argus is supporting St David’s Hospice Care, and challenging the people of Gwent and South Wales to raise as much sponsorship as possible by taking part in fundraising challenges. The campaign will run throughout 2017.

When 57-year-old Sue Webber was diagnosed with cancer the hospice was able to help her spend her last days at home with her family, including her granddaughter Phoebe.

Michelle Aspey, of Caerphilly, said: “We truly benefited from Hospice at Home. Whenever we needed something we just had to ask and it was there.

“Mum died at home and that’s what she wanted. She died quite suddenly, but we have some lovely memories of her last days with us.”

After Mrs Webber died Phoebe didn’t cope well with the loss.

“She was only two when her grandmother died. She didn’t cope well.

“She was waking up in night crying asking for a cuddle. She kept saying ‘Nanny ran away’, and I didn’t know how to make her understand what had happened,” Mrs Aspey said.

She added: “I was dealing with my own grief at the time. One of the nurses mentioned the Unicorn Service at St David’s so I contacted them for help.”

The family were referred to children and young persons worker Elaine Robinson who met Mrs Aspey to discuss her daughter’s needs.

“I met Elaine so I could talk through our concerns. Then Phoebe met Elaine at the hospice and she had a few sessions with her. It made a huge difference to her life.

“It also helped me because I didn’t know how to deal with my grief. I didn’t want to cry in front of Phoebe, but they said it was OK to do so and it wasn’t going to make things worse. It helped take the pressure away.”

Phoebe saw Mrs Robinson’s photo in the Argus’ article explaining the work of the Unicorn Service and asked why she was in the paper. Her mother told her about the 125 Appeal and she wanted to get involved.

This Sunday Phoebe is hoping to raise £125 for the appeal by building a Lego tower out of 125 Lego blocks.

Mrs Aspey said: “Phoebe loves Lego. She has been practicing building towers, and she has been promised a new set of Lego if she does the challenge, so stakes are high.”

There are lots of ways you can get involved

Get involved by organising a fundraising event

Make a donation on our Just Giving page

You can also text to donate £5 to the 125 Appeal by texting ARGUS 125 to 70500.