LAST week we featured a picture of the Town Hall on Dock Street, Newport, which is now the Chartist Tower.

THIS is the back of Newport’s Town Hall.

These buildings are on the corner of Dock Street and Austin Friars.

They were the Headquarters of Newport Police and the Police Court.

A little further down was AA Wright’s fruit warehouse - a delight to errand boys as there was a plentiful supply of large, hairy, foreign spiders that came with the bananas.

Behind the cameraman was the Capitol car park which was used by the Western Welsh buses.

In the carpark was the Town Mortuary.

We never saw anyone entering or leaving.

Opposite the cap park was the GPO Engineering Department where the telegram boys used to work, we often saw their red painted BSA Bantam motorbikes there.

Dave Woolven, Newport THIS picture is the old Central Library and Museum in Dock street.

Not sure, but think it was the back of the Town Hall.

What a gem of a place that was when I was in Duffryn School.

Spent hours there revising and was overawed by the silent ambiance of the place.

Loads of shelves laden with erudite tomes on all subjects.

And the Museum was filled with unusual objects.

I recall one or two apart from the stuffed birds and ancient pottery and Roman coins.

A massive model of the Transporter Bridge was prominent together with the scale model of SS Doric in a glass frame, probably the most remembered ship scrapped at Cashmore’s.

Then there was the reading room with the Argus and other newspapers spread across a large sloping lectern, where people could pop-in for a quick flip through the pages.

That precious old building should have been saved from demolition as it held a unique position in a busy part of town.

Jim Dyer, Newport