LAST week we featured a picture of Tregwillyn Road, Rogerstone.

THE picture is of the lower end of Tregwillym Road, Rogerstone.

On the left is The Royal Oak pub, then further along is a Mission Chapel.

Further down is the Catholic Church.

On the right hand side is a row of shops, then a footpath to Bassaleg.

The another shop, Langley’s I believe, where we children used to buy sweets.

Then a row of cottages in one of which I was born in 1923.

Further along was another pub, The Myrtle Grove.

Raymond Preece, Undy

The ‘Then’ picture is what we called bottom “Rogie,” the Royal Oak pub was run by a Mrs Bertha Edwards and in the houses around it lived some of the steel workers who came down from Shropshire to work at the Guest Keen and Nettlefold works.

The high building beyond the pub was a bakery and there was another shop with the mission hall beyond.

On the right were various shops including Paynes the butchers.

Down further on was a shop on its own Watkins - a cheese and meal place.

The now picture is not where the pub and houses were, they were over the other side of the viaduct now gone and the small factory was the steelworks offices.

All of the houses are now gone and in their places is a road and a strip of weeded land.

Les Guy, Newport

HAVING come to the conclusion that this picture was not in Newport itself, I could only find a Royal Oak in Rogerstone.

Given the semi-rural nature of the surroundings back in the 1800s, it had to be close to Newport, although Rogerstone today is much changed.

I think this pub was on Tregwilym Road, close to the former Alcan Works.

Jim Dyer, Newport