LAST week we featured a picture of Church Road, Newport, during the summer of 1899.

TODAY’S pictures show Newport’s Church Road looking along to the steep climb up Christchurch Road.

Church Road was and still is lined with small shops and always seems busy.

On the left and behind the camera is Gloucester Place, Alfred Street, Bishop Street and Dean Street.

On the right is St Matthew’s Church on the corner of Hereford Street, this church is soon to be demolished.

This is another part of old Newport soon to go.

Christchurch Road is a very steep and winding road leading to Christchurch Cemetery and Holy Trinity Parish Church.

Dave Woolven, Newport

TODAY’S photo is an old shot of Church Road, Maindee, focusing upwards to the steep Christchurch Road.

Always a busy area though many shops now gone or closed.

The church there has now closed too but there are various activities at the old Fairoak School and GAVO building.

An interesting road with a various house types with a three storey to the right of the picture.

Unusual, there are no pubs on the road and even the Off-Licence has closed now.

You can still get most thing there though.

Jim Dyer, Newport