LAST week we featured a picture of Don Cafe in Caerleon Road.

TODAY’S picture is of the Don café at 151 Caerleon Road. This was owned by FW Cornelius.

To the left of the café is Caerleon Road Post Office and on the corner of Caerleon Road and Duckpool Road was Simmonds the grocers - Simmonds has now become Boots the Chemist.

A few doors to the right of the café was the Co-op stores and butchers.

This little area of Newport was, and still is, always busy.

Dave Woolven, Newport

THE Now and Then is of Greggs in Commercial Street. On the corner before Greggs was a tobacconist which is close.

There was Don’s Cafe, opposite were lifts to go to Park Square to the car park.

Opposite Greggs is a baby shop which also sold prams which also has a cafe nearby.

M Reardon, Newport

CAERLEON Road in the middle by the post office.

It’s probably the best local shopping area outside the town centre.

Although many shops have closed now, it is still pretty busy.

Jim Dyer, Newport