LAST week we featured a picture of Pye Corner, Newport.

IT IS Pye Corner, Bassaleg. The train line was above the wall on the left.

The cottage is no longer there, my grandparents lived there by the name of Charles and Elizabeth Richards,they had two sons and three daughters. My grandparents are buried in Bethel Chapel, Bassaleg. Four grandchildren live local. One granddaughter was Mayoress of Newport in 2000/1. The top road went to Rogerstone. Around the corner from the cottage was Willis’s sweet shop, and also a public house. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories.

O R Dally

THIS weeks now and then is the Three Salmons at Pye Corner, Rogerstone. I was a barmaid in this pub for about seven years, landlord was John Carpenter and his wife Dianne.

All our customers were lovely people. Every New Years Eve we had a fancy dress party, a great time. When John and Dianne moved to Cardiff, I went to work in the T A Bassaleg another great pub with lovely customers. The Three Salmons is no longer a pub but the TA Bassaleg is. I often see letters on your letters page from Jim Dyer, I have served Jim many a pint many years ago.

Pam Gibson, Newport

THE area depicted is known as Pye Corner, technically part of Rogerstone.

The houses to left and centre of the ‘Then’ photograph have long since been demolished and the road to the left, leading to Bassaleg widened. In the left background can be seen the tall signal box of the then Bassaleg junction.

The adjacent station closed to passengers in April 1963 and the signal box closed in December 1968.

In the “now” photograph, the facing building to right of the centre is now the Three Mughals restaurant, for many years it was the Three Salmons public house. In recent years the railway has been re-opened to passengers, with a new station named Pye Corner being provided some distance to the north of this area.

Ray Caston, Newport