WE ARE delighted today to be marking the 15th anniversary of Newport being granted city status.

This paper was heavily involved with the bid for city status which was submitted as part of the year-long celebrations to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

And three months later, who can forget the buzz in Newport when thousands of people welcomed Her Royal Highness on her first visit to the new city.

At the time there were critics with some arguing that Newport lacked what it took to be a city.

Now, 15 years on, that tide has surely turned.

The sheer amount of investment over the past 15 years and the major regeneration projects along the river have totally transformed this city.

Many, many people were involved in the city status bid. They deserve a pat on the back for what they achieved.

And they can rest assured that it really was a milestone in Newport’s history and perhaps the catalyst for much that has followed.

There is a new sense of confidence in Newport.

Yes, there are still problems as there are in every city up and down the country.

But overall, becoming a city has been part of a good news story for Newport.