LAST week we featured a picture of Cambrian Road, Newport.

THIS is Cambrian Road, Newport, looking down to Bridge Street. On the left is the Princess restaurant and a bit further down was the legendary public house that was the New Found Out.

On Saturday nights in the late sixties a group of us would have a few pints of “half and half” in there, then on the train to Cardiff for a night at the Top Rank.

Then we would get the last train back at 12.05am and go into the Princess restaurant for the most delicious omelettes, Spanish being my favourite.

On the right are the bus shelters, from where you caught corporation buses, one of the routes taking you to Nash Road.

The building at the bottom of the road is The Lamb public house on Bridge Street.

Dave Rogers, Newport

THE Now and Then picture shows Cambrian Road with The Lamb public house in Bridge Street facing up the road. My friends parents kept the pub for many years.

The Majestic dance hall was just around the corner at the bottom of Stow Hill and my friend and I would go dancing and I would stay over at The Lamb.

WHSmith’s was at the bottom of Cambrian Road and in the early hours of the morning we would be woken up by the clatter of the newspapers being delivered from the railway station at the top of Cambrian Road.

Pat Taylor, Newport

THIS is Cambrian Road. On the right hand side their used to be the bus stop to go to Alway.

On the corner was a shop called Ferris that sold cooked meat etc. In the area is now Wetherspoons.

In the picture you can see The Lamb pub. Fussels Sport Shop was there.

Also The Cotton Club. The Arcade is still there and there was offices where you pay rent etc.

M Reardon, Newport