LAST WEEK we featured a picture of The Ship Hotel, New Road and the Toll House c.1947.

The Toll House was built in 1825 after the New Road was constructed.

In 1830, the Ship Hotel was constructed, to catch passing trade. In the ‘then’ photograph, the Ship Hotel was owned by Simmonds Brewery. This was a familiar name to many at the time.

Letters sent in: THIS picture shows the east side of the Usk at the junction with the bridge/Christchurch Road. On the left is The Ship public house, a popular stopping off venue for families. The traffic is often very built-up at this point particularly when there are road works with traffic lights.

Jim Dyer, Newport

Comments from the Argus website:

WHAT is interesting is the space between the road and the old Toll House, look at it today and you can see how much the village of Caerleon has been ravaged by the motorcar (driven by development of housing).