First I feel I must apologise on behalf of all politicians for the imposition of yet another election and the leafleting and media coverage which inevitably follows.

There is however the satisfaction for all of us that ( by-elections excepted) this is likely to be the last one for at least four years. We in UKIP will be attempting to contest all forty constituency seats in Wales, though this will be a huge task given the time factor involved.

The other parties are of course saying that now we have Brexit UKIP no longer has any relevance. Nothing could be further from the truth. UKIP is still the only party whose politicians and members are all fully committed to Brexit.

All the other parties are either totally against Brexit such as the Lib Dems or are split on how it should be negotiated. Without UKIP there would have been no referendum so we are the only party which will demand the Brexit the British public voted for is delivered, and that means the return of our Sovereignty, the supremacy of the British Courts, the return of our fishing grounds, and above all control of our borders. Nothing else will do.