THERE is a “crisis” in adult education in Gwent because of a lack of tutors, according to a learning centre.


Learn Welsh Gwent, the Welsh for adults centre based at Coleg Gwent’s Pontypool campus, has said Welsh education for adults is in crisis because of difficulties in finding sufficient tutors to meet demand.


The organisation provides lessons in Newport, Torfaen, Monmouthshire, Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly.


Director Geraint Wilson-Price said the demand for Welsh lessons for adults has increased by 36 per cent since the same time last year. Monmouthshire has seen the numbers of learners double from 225 in 2016 to 467 this year


“It is undoubtedly a crisis,” he said. “At present there are people who want to learn Welsh with us but we’re finding it very difficult to find sufficient tutors to teach the classes.


“There has been a very strong demand in the Abergavenny area, which held the National Eisteddfod in 2016.


“All our Abergavenny classes for beginners in September last year were full and we had to arrange more classes for 2017 to meet the demand.


“One type of our provision which has proved unexpectedly successful this year is our intensive course, which consists of nine hours of lessons each week. It’s clear that many people want to learn Welsh as quickly as possible and then go on to use and enjoy their Welsh.”


A spokeswoman for the National Centre for Learning Welsh, the organisation responsible for the Welsh for Adults education programme, said that their figure confirm the growth in learners.


“Around 48 tutors are currently employed by Dysgu Cymraeg Gwent, which hopes to recruit an additional six tutors to its team,” she said.


“Tutors are the cornerstone of our service and some 450 tutors work across Wales on the Welsh for Adults education programme. Investing in tutor training and resources is a key priority for the centre going forward and we will be working closely with all our providers to continue to attract able and dedicated individuals to the profession.”


The centre has seen a huge growth in interest in Welsh lessons over the last few years. Mr Wilson-Price said: “Many people didn’t have the chance to learn Welsh when they were in school or perhaps didn’t realise what the language would mean to them later on in life.”


“There is greater awareness of the language, and people want to know more and have the opportunity to learn We envisage even more people in the Gwent area wishing to start Welsh lessons in September and we want to be able to meet this demand, but we need new tutors to meet the demand.”


Anyone is interested in becoming a Welsh tutor should contact Learn Welsh Gwent on 01495 333710 or