Last week we featured a picture of Caerleon Endowed School, High Street, Caerleon.

THIS is the Charity School in Caerleon, endowed by Charles Williams in 1724. Unusually girls were taught; they were upstairs and the boys downstairs.

I started my teaching career there in 1960 when it was Caerleon Endowed Secondary School.

In 1964 I went to teach in Uganda and when I returned it had become Caerleon Comprehensive School, in a new building, and the old building became part of the Endowed Primary School, now the Charles Williams School.

My classroom was on the bottom right hand side with two arched, latticed windows. I had a class of 39, including Andy White, who became a fast and skilful winger for Newport County. (Newport County AFC could do with him now!)

I have happy memories of the staff and pupils but I recall two incidents in particular. There was a very naughty boy (no names as he is probably now a pillar of society) who the Headmaster, Mr Greener, caned regularly, with no effect.

The Head decided on a new tack by giving him some responsibility. One Friday afternoon he told him to collect the class registers and take them to the School Secretary, Miss Jones.

He collected them all right, but then set fire to them in the yard.

Boys were often naughty and regularly got into fights, but I was on yard duty when two lovely girls were tearing lumps out of each other. I pulled them apart and asked what on earth they were fighting about.

Between sobs it emerged that Maureen was a fan of Elvis Presley while Jacky favoured Cliff Richard. I patiently explained that Cliff modelled himself on Elvis and was his biggest fan. This was news to the girls, who happily went away arm in arm. One small victory for education!

David Hando, Newport

The Now and Then is the school house in Caerleon. I was born in Llanfrechfa Grange in 1948. My grandfather was headmaster of the school - his name was Walter Gerwin Lovett. I was named after him.

Gerwin Lovett, Newbridge