MILLBROOK Primary School is the first school in Europe to join an initiative which sees international pupils discussing world problems.

The pupils contacts children from around the world during their after school club

One World Group, which was founded by former Wall Street employer Joe Carvin, is an initiative to allow youngsters from across the globe to discuss problems.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” said Headteacher Lindsey Watkins. “I think it’s fantastic that we’re the first school, not just in the UK, but in Europe to get involved. The children thoroughly enjoy it and learn so much information.

“I know they’ve Skyped children as far way as Mexico and have talked about solving various problems, such as poverty.”

Last week Mrs Watkins, who’s been headteacher for 10 years, headed to Harvard University to discuss the project more at length.

She said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and so did everyone there. It was all about putting our pupils first. The conference also gave us ways on how to make our pupils global citizens.”

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