LAST week we featured a picture of The Rising Sun, Cefn Road, Rogerstone, Newport.

THIS is the Rising Sun public house, Rogerstone.

Hard to believe it was once like the old picture.

Now very modern, spacious and good food.

Many a family afternoon in there.

Outside the garden is large as well whilst opposite is the wall of the canal.

Jim Dyer, Newport The Now and Then photo in today's Argus shows The Rising Sun hotel on Cefn Road, High Cross.

The top picture shows the original pub which was located actually adjoining the main road.

Today there is a bus stop, a phone box and a flower garden where the pub used to be where the present-day pub is located (the other photo).

There used to be a grassy field belonging to the brewery.

I have a photo of the original pub (over 100 years old) and the pub was run by my great grandparents - John Evans and his wife Ann Evans and their three daughters - Elizabeth (my grandmother), Beatrice and Amelia.

Nearby was a veterinary clinic and horses after treatment were turned out in the field to recuperate.

These were mostly local farm horses or canal horses.

This field was also used by the Royal Horse Artillery from The Barracks at the top of Barrack Hill to practise drill on their horses.

When the brewery decided to demolish the old pub and build the new one behind it my great grand parents decided to retire.

Brian J J Jelf, Newport