THE family of one of the oldest voters in Monmouthshire have declared their outrage after the 106-year-old was prevented from voting in the 2017 general election.

Amy Winifred Hawkins went to vote with her granddaughters Tamzin Powell and Hannah Freeman but was told that her name was not on the electoral roll at the polling station in Wyesham.

Mrs Hawkins, known as Win, of Hadnock Road, has voted in every election of her adult life but was unable to do so for the first time.

“I was born in 1911. I’ve seen two world wars. I’ve seen votes for women. I’ve seen pensions for all and the miner’s strike,” said Mrs Hawkins, a former Suffragette voter.

“Today they wouldn’t let me vote.”

Mrs Hawkins’ family took to social media, and their video of the 106-year-old, who is a Labour supporter, was tweeted by party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“We were voting in Monmouth town centre with my grandmother who made it down to the polling station – she can just about walk,” said Mrs Powell.

“She said that she wanted to vote in the election as she feels this could be her last election as she is 106.

“When she arrive, she was not allowed to vote as she was told that she did not have the correct name on her card – it was something like Arwen.

“I understand that there was some special verification measure brought it after the Brexit vote which means that you need have links to an ID card or National Insurance – she is 106.

“She was there with her suffragette badge on – she was a suffragette voter.

“She was banned from voting for the first time in her adult life.”

Mrs Hawkins’ other granddaughter Mrs Freeman added: “My grandmother Amy Winifred Hawkins is 106 years of age was refused the vote at the polling station in Monmouth, Wales, because she had not been verified.

“It is outrageous that she could not place what is possibly – her last vote ever on this planet.

“I have seen the electoral roll letter and saw her name quite clearly on it at the beginning of the year.”

Monmouthshire County Council’s chief executive and the returning officer for the Monmouth constituency, Paul Matthews, said: "It's unfortunate that Mrs Hawkins was unable to vote yesterday but if you aren't on the electoral register, which is constantly updated, you are not entitled to a vote.

"That is the law of the land.

"We will contact Mrs Hawkins to make sure she is registered for the next election, whenever that may be."