The Now and Then in tonight’s Argus, June 6, is Lyne Road, Newport.

My husband John can recall seeing this photograph before, and says the group on the bottom left side of the photograph just down from the car, is his family - mother, two aunties, his brother and sister.

Sadly, only his brother is still alive.

Just out of the photograph was a building called the mission house, which they lived next door to at number 38; opposite them was Sleamens greengrocer’s shop.

Behind their house runs the River Usk, which was called the tide.

On the right hand side, just above the trees is The Rising Sun public house, which is now an Indian restaurant. Outside was an underground toilets, which people called the Dubbers.

Opposite was a school and behind the trees there is now a McDonald’s restaurant.

We remember the area well.

Mrs Georgina Maddocks, Risca.