A JEWISH man is urging the people of Gwent to make use of Newport’s last synagogue.

The synagogue, which is located on Risca Road, Newport, had been used by Newport’s Jewish population for more than 100 years.

Ron Black, who has been a member of the congregation since 1944, said the synagogue had originally been used for Jewish funerals.

Mr Black said: “We moved here in 1997 from our other synagogue.

“This building had been used for funerals.

“So the coffin and service would be here then we’d make our way to the cemetery.

“Originally Lord Tredegar gave the land to us, about 100 years ago.”

However, Mr Black said with Jewish numbers in Newport having depleted over the years the synagogue is no longer in use.

“The building is not being used because there’s no-one left here,” said the 73-year-old.

“In Newport there’s only me and a 93-year-old lady and a couple in Blackwood.

“I look after everything on this site, from maintaining the synagogue to keeping the cemetery tidy.”

He added: “My worry is if something happened to me tomorrow, what would happen to this site?

“Cardiff Synagogue is connected to us but for them to get their head round all of this would be very difficult.

“It is sad but I have to sort this out now.”

Mr Black is now looking for someone or an organisation to use the synagogue.

“Obviously the vicinity could be used for many things - there’s electricity here but the building does get quite cold here because of the stone walls,” said Mr Black.

“Someone might want to use it as an office but parking facilities are not the best.

“I’d like to see a historical group take it on and if that happened then I’d have to get rid of the religious elements to it.”

If anyone is interested in using the building, call Mr Black on 01633 761442.