• The Labour elections results in Wales were marvellous. In spite of press forecasts of doom, all 25 Labour MPs increased our majorities and we gained three seats from Tories. But the alleged use of tactics against us was cheating.

Channel Four news broadcast evidence that Newport West was bombarded with phone messages from a call centre financed by the Conservative Party. It is claimed that this was not true market research. The messages dribbled anti-Labour messages into the ears of voters. It is illegal to pay for political canvassers.

On the final day of the last parliament I said that our elections are now more open to corruption that any time since 1880. Newport has strong Labour Parties but we cannot compete with a call centre employing 100 people.

The police and courts must judge. Parliament’s job is to produce new rules to police the use of invisible algorithms, botnets, artificial intelligence and unlimited money. The Gwent Chartists died for fair elections. Democracy is not for sale.

• Newport jobs are under threats from Government. The magnets are London and Cardiff seeking to steal existing jobs in the Civil Service. Hundreds of precious Newport jobs are doomed unless the Government can be deterred from creating a massive jobs hub in Cardiff.

• Pre-election the Government planned a confidence trick to continue Severn Bridge Tolls at £3.00. They must be held to their election bribe and abolish them altogether. We have paid the highway robbery of double tax for half a century. Forget the £3.00 con. All the tolls must go.

• Newport MPs have access to national and world media. We must use it to continue to proclaim our pride in the status in world class city treasures of the Celtic Manor, Tredegar House and Caerleon Roman remains. Further expansion started this week in developing the Celtic Manor that attracted world events to our city. Jessica Morden and I will continue to use the platform of parliament to proclaim Newport’s great successes.

• A hung parliament is unpredictable. It can swing both ways. The Ulster DUP gleefully hugged their £1 billion bung-the price of selling their principles. But their faces paled with shock when the cross party sisterhood of Labour and Tory MPs combined to effectively reform the mediaeval Ulster abortion laws. Deals and comprises can work both ways, to subvert democracy and to reform harsh laws.