A MAN who was stabbed between 19 and 20 times in a street attack would have died without immediate medical treatment, a pathologist has said.

Christopher Trigg, 36, formerly of Risca and his brother Simon Trigg, 33, of Caerphilly, have pleaded not guilty to attempting to murder Kevin Skye in a stabbing in Hafodyrynys in the early hours of December 27 last year.

As the second week of their trial opened at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday, forensic pathologist Dr Ryk James outlined the extent of Mr Skye’s injuries.

The court heard Mr Skye suffered between 19 and 20 sharp force injuries, consistent with stab wounds, two which were potentially life-threatening.

Dr James said one of these, a wound to the stomach, could not have been caused by a knife with a blade less than 15cm.

But he said that it was not possible to determine if more than one knife was used in the attack.

The court heard that Mr Skye was found by paramedic Timothy Austin, who estimated the victim had lost around one unit, equivalent to 500ml, of blood.

First aid was provided at the scene, before Mr Skye was taken to the University Hospital of Wales with injuries thought to be “life-threatening”.

“The unrecordable blood pressure, the signs that he was pale and that his temperature was low indicate that the system was starting to fail,” Dr James told the jury.

However, under constant treatment in the ambulance, Mr Skye’s condition stabilised by the time he arrived in hospital where he underwent a blood transfusion and emergency surgery.

Dr James told the court: “It appears to me that in the absence of surgery Mr Skye would have died.”

He added that he believed Mr Skye would have also died without medical treatment at the scene and in the ambulance.

The court also heard a statement from police sergeant Miles Thomas, who arrested Christopher Trigg on suspicion of attempted murder on the morning of the incident.

When Trigg was arrested, Sgt Thomas heard him say: “He beat my brother up,” the court heard.

Christopher Trigg has pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent and accepts stabbing Mr Skye.

Simon Trigg denies both charges.

The trial continues.