LAST week we featured a picture of Isca Road, Caerleon, Newport, looking at the Bell Inn around 1920.

The Bell Inn house is known to date back to as far as the fifteenth century.

This building was seen as an essential coaching inn by 1754 for travellers heading towards Usk and on to London.

This was a popular attraction as a pick-up point for travellers seeking refreshments and to change horses.

THE picture is of Isca Road in the old village (Ultra Pontem) Caerleon.

I was born there and my grandfather used to keep the Bell public house just after the war and my auntie kept the shop and dairy on the corner opposite the Bell which has now been converted to houses.

Christopher Pember, Caerleon

TODAY’S Now and Then shows the few streets at the back of The Ship leading up to the Bell on Bullmore Road.

A very select sort of area here with a mysterious uninvolvement in the city!

Jim Dyer, Newport