NEWPORT Magistrates Court have granted an eight week extension on a closure order for a house allegedly linked with drugs and prostitution. 

The house in Ruperra Street, in the Pill area of Newport, was sealed by Gwent Police in April after issuing an anti-social behaviour closure notice.

The property is allegedly linked to the use of Class A drugs, serious crime and disorder, prostitution and anti-social behaviour.

Serving the closure notice in April, District Judge David Parsons said: “The premises were getting out of control, causing misery to the local community.

“Residents were being affected by having their vehicles damaged and finding condoms and needles outside their houses, amongst others.

“These people can be very intimidating, they have very few boundaries and that is part of the problem.”

At the time, the judge said the owner of the property had been a “victim” of this situation as they were putting pressure on him by bullying him.

It is also alleged that visitors constantly called at the property looking to buy illegal drugs, with cars arriving and leaving throughout the night, disrupting local residents.

Police have said the local community are reportedly “fearful for their safety” as the visitors are intimidating residents by shouting and swearing abuse at them.

Steel shutters have been installed at the premises and, while the closure order is in place, if anyone attempts to enter this property in contravention of the notice, they can be arrested by police.

Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer, PC Paula Spence, said: "Reports of this nature are taken very seriously by Gwent Police.

"No-one should be living their lives faced with this daily intimidation and disruption. By taking action of this kind we are demonstrating that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

"This closure order has allowed us to restore peace to the neighbourhood and sends a clear message that we will take positive action against anyone who continue to commit these offences ”

Anyone who suspects that a premises is being used for the supply of illegal drugs can contact Gwent Police on 101 or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.