A GWENT AM has marked the the anniversary of a genocide during the Bosnian war in which 8,000 Muslims were massacred by calling for lessons to be learned from the killings.

Speaking in the Senedd last week Newport West's Jayne Bryant marked the 22nd anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, which has been called the worst mass killing in Europe since World War Two, in July 1995.

The Labour AM, who visited the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina last year, said: "What happened in Srebrenica was not inevitable, it was preventable.

"While those survivors mourn the loss of their loved ones and we say ‘never again’, we all have a responsibility to ensure future generations understand how neighbour turned against neighbour, tolerance turned to intolerance and similarities were shunned for differences.

"Never has it been more important to learn the lessons from Srebrenica. We have a duty to remember those who died and those left behind, but we also have a duty and responsibility to work harder than ever to challenge those ideologies of fear and hatred."

Ms Bryant, who was first elected to the Senedd last year, also called for the history of the Bosnian War to be taught in Welsh schools so youngsters understand the history of the conflict.