THERE'S a modern-day Chartist-style uprising in Newport, and the desperate authorities are trying to stamp it out.

You, and up to five friends are in a dark cellar and if you don’t work out the clues and escape, anything could happen to you (including finding yourself at the mercy of Torture Corp).

That’s the scenario in The Escape Rooms in Newport, just launched by sister and brother Elinor and David Daniel.

The Newport-born pair have converted a former unused space beneath the city’s market into the latest in experience entertainment. Elinor’s background in drama lends a thrilling edge to proceedings, with no scary detail omitted, and bloggers are praising this latest addition to Newport’s entertainment scene as ‘sharp’ and ‘setting the bar.’

Guests are in groups of up to six and work as a team to escape. They have to analyse the clues, and find the way out before the hour is over, or a grisly fate awaits.

Response to the horror-themed attraction has been very encouraging since it opened in May, and now the plan is to move to the next stage.

“We are now looking to develop two or three more rooms with different escape scenarios,” said Elinor.

The new scenarios - a closely guarded secret at the moment - will also have references to Newport’s history, which Elinor believes is important.

She said: “We want to always have connections to the past in the locality to make us more grounded and relevant.”

Support for the venture has come from Newport City Council and the Kickstart programme, jointly funded by the authority and Tata Steel subsidiary UK Steel Enterprise.

The programme provided a £2,000 grant to help get the independently-run project off the ground.

“It was very helpful and overall we have had tremendous support to get this up and running,” said Elinor.

Martin Palmer, Investment Executive with UK Steel Enterprise, said: “The Escape Rooms is an excellent addition to enhance the entertainment scene in Newport and we are delighted to have been able to offer support through the Kickstart programme, working with Newport City Council.”

Councillor Jane Mudd, Newport City Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and housing, said: “It is fantastic to see local young people establish new and exciting businesses in the city and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to support The Escape Rooms. This creative and innovative venture is a perfect fit for the historic Newport Market in an area of the city centre which is becoming more vibrant as regeneration work continues.”