Two Gwent businesses with a vintage theme have teamed up to offer a coffee and ice cream experience from two quirky vehicles.

Former banker Graeme Corfield, who lives in Magor, recently set up a business selling coffee from a renovated horse box at Severn Tunnel Junction station near Rogiet.

Poppy Fielding, of Caldicot, runs Poppy's Vintage Ices from the back of an old Bedford ice cream van which she has renovated and given a new lease of life to.

The two businesses have joined forces and are available for hire to attend weddings, parties, fetes and other events.

Graeme said: "I have, for a long time, passionately wanted to set up my own business. Recently, I was a business advisor for the Welsh Government, providing a range of support to new businesses. This spurred me on to make the leap myself into self-employment.

"The coffee market, is in my opinion, saturated by a few dominant companies which no longer excite their customer base. Having bought a battered, old horse trailer, I sourced all the fixtures and fittings in order to renovate it to the quirky alternative that I work in today. I have always loved the vintage era and that's where the nucleus of my redesign idea began.

"I fought tirelessly for a pitch at Severn Tunnel Junction in Rogiet and was eventually able to purchase a licence to trade. I'm based there from 6.30am to 10.30am Monday to Fridays."

His business - The Little Brew - has running for about three months now.

Poppy said: "When I first set eyes on The Little Brew vintage coffee trailer I instantly knew that combining forces had the potential to be a real hit. With the trailer and ice cream van's vintage themes and pastel colour schemes complementing each other perfectly, both serving locally sourced, high quality products, and with ice cream and hot drinks being the perfect contrast, it made sense to create a unique hire package that will appeal to a wide range of people for a myriad events."

She said: "It has been my dream since I was five years old to have my very own ice cream van. I've done it with a twist, not your conventional ice cream van which drives around the neighbourhood, but a beautifully turned out one which would appeal to people for wedding and party hire, and to add a little wow factor to all kinds of events.

"I pursued this business idea to be able to fit in around family life and the needs of my two children. Establishing the ice cream business has also enabled me to employ my creative flair through styling the van with its vintage colour scheme, whimsical decor and kitsch accessories, which really has been a labour of love.

Graeme said: "I have loved meeting a wide variety of local people and have valued the ‘friendly banter’ from customers in the early hours of the morning – I don’t generally consider myself a morning person!

"I've met many local people who are community minded, like myself and have ventured into local events as well as building partnerships with other local businesses. All of our fresh milk is delivered daily from Mead Farm Foods, based in Redwick, for example. My future plans have already started to take shape, I have a number of local events and shows in the calendar over the next couple of months.

"I love coffee! It matters to me that my customers have a perfect drink every time. I went away to train as a barista and believe that I have sourced a fantastic blend of coffee beans to grind alongside my locally sourced milk. As well as serving a wide range of hot and cold drinks I offer the early morning crowd a range of breakfast options including porridge, teacakes, crumpets, toast and pastries as well a range of snacks such as biscuits, crisps and chocolate bars. A hot buttered teacake and a flat white – what could be better on a grey and drizzly morning, while awaiting your train to work or after dropping your children off at the local school?"

Poppy's Vintage Ices offers a variety of ice cream and sorbet flavours from Brookes Wye Valley Dairy, which is based in Devauden, near Chepstow.

When Poppy isn't busy scooping ice cream she also runs her own holistic therapy business which operates from a dedicated therapy room within Touch of Class Health and Beauty Salon on Church Road in Caldicot. She has more than 10 years experience in offering a range of holistic therapies and absolutely loves the aspect of meeting so many wonderful people in both jobs.