A CROWD of people gathered at Newport Transporter Bridge to watch the historic MV Balmoral ship sail past.

The MV Balmoral ship - which was launched in 1949 - took passengers from Penarth up the River Usk to the Newport Transporter Bridge to learn more about its history.

Mary Hando, who is a member of Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge, said: “We’re very proud of the Balmoral.

“We have it coming up here because of the bridge. They can show the bridge and hear more about it.

“It started off in Penarth and will end up back in Penarth.

Mrs Hando, who lives in Newport, added: “I think it’s brilliant to see such a historic ship pass a historic bridge.”

Jim Ashman, who lives in Pill, said the ship is “impressive”.

“It was built in the 1940s and it’s still in good condition,” said Mr Ashman. “Some ships are too big to come past now but the Balmoral can easily sail past. What an honour it is to see it again.”