PLANS to make Ringland an “attractive, vibrant and modern” community have been announced by Newport City Homes (NCH) under new multi-million pound regeneration plans.

It follows more than two years of consultation with residents, which began after the demolition of maisonettes in Ringland Centre and Cot Farm.

The two sites will be at the heart of the new scheme, which is yet to be finalised but includes building new accommodation and improving the current shopping centre.

The executive director of operations at Newport City Homes, Robert Lynbeck, said: “We are proposing a multi-million pound regeneration project for Ringland that will completely revamp and regenerate the central shopping centre and the surrounding area.

“We share the aspirations of traders and residents to see Ringland become an attractive, vibrant and modern place.

“Our plans will help achieve this.”

NCH regeneration and partnership coordinator Solitaire Pritchard said that from initial consultation responses they had identified residents who wanted to be involved in the regeneration of Ringland and have up a steering group.

Ms Pritchard said they have two different architects working on the multi-million pound project.

They each have responsibility for one site, with cross collaboration also key.

She couldn’t confirm the number of houses which will be built, but said the Cot Farm site will be mainly used for accommodation – with homes “looking almost like flats”.

“This has not been agreed, that will come out from the consultation,” the regeneration and partnership coordinator said.

“It will be family accommodation, which is very much needed in Ringland.

“There is quite a lot of potential in the area. People in the area have a lot of pride in their properties, generally, they are well kept.

“A lot of people want for the area to be improved and welcome the changes.”

She said work will begin first on the Cot Farm site, and then move to Ringland Centre.

“We want to start the work soon to show that we are committed to the area,” she added.

The housing association is also looking at how to improve the commercial area, Ms Pritchard re-iterated.

She said: “We know it is well used, some people used two or more times day.

“Speaking with businesses, they tell us they would like to have greater visibility – to be more outward facing.”

The news comes after NCH announced it is investing £7.9 million in the Pill area of Newport as part of a regeneration scheme to fight anti-social behaviour and crime.

The housing association will be consulting on the residential plans for Cot Farm fields on Thursday August 10. They will be showing artists impressions on the day, at the MUGA (multi-use games area), by Edward German Crescent, from 2.30pm to 7pm.

Mr Lynbeck said: “We are continuing to work with our steering group of residents and retailers, as well as the architects, to finalise the plans for this substantial investment. The consultation event next week will be another opportunity for local people to have their say on the proposed designs to transform this area for the better.”