Over the last few weeks, Labour MPs have been taking on the Tories at every turn.

In my last column, I mentioned how we’d forced U-turns on a whole host of Tory manifesto promises: from social care to school meals, pensions to fox hunting.

Since then, Labour backbenchers and others forced the Government’s hand again, getting them to announce an inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal.

People need answers – particularly the families of the 2,400 people who died after being given infected blood. After a long campaign, we can hopefully start to get them.

I’m also keeping the pressure up on an issue I’ve been concerned about for a while now.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on rent-to-own firms, and questioned the Prime Minister about them back in December.

Companies like BrightHouse sell sometimes essential household goods and allow people to spread the cost over time, paying back in weekly instalments at prices that seem low. Unfortunately, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Because of the sky-high interest rates on these goods, the total price tag, once everything is included, can be easily double the original cost of the item. Keeping up with the repayments puts a huge strain on the budgets of already struggling families every week.

To give one example from the BrightHouse website, a Hoover washing machine can cost £702 with a three year repayment plan from BrightHouse, but you can buy the same machine for just £259.99 plus £20 delivery from another website.

This is why I’ve been pushing for a cap on these rates - like the one that was successfully put on payday loans.

Last week, the FCA released a report which expressed concerns about rent-to-own goods and mentioned they’d be releasing a consultation paper on tackling them next Spring.

While I’m glad that this is being looked at, this kind of a wait just isn’t good enough for the families who are already stuck paying these costs.

They need action now, not a consultation on doing something about them next year.

This report was a missed opportunity to help them, and I’ve written to the Chief Executive of the FCA to ask when we can expect action to be taken.

Struggling families in Blaenau Gwent and across Britain need a hand - and I’m going to keep pushing to make sure they get one.