WE ARE reporting on an investment today which is yet further proof that the future for Newport is looking very bright.

We have always argued that the Friars Walk development was only one piece in a jigsaw and that Newport needed other things in place to ensure real city-centre. regeneration.

We are starting to see those emerge. There is a burgeoning independent business sector having a transformational impact on the number of restaurants, cafes and coffee bars in the city.

The recent university plans to move the software academy to bigger and better premises brings the benefit of attracting young people in to Newport.

Add that to the number of buildings being transformed into residential developments and the change is palpable.

Now another landmark building is to be transformed to create grade A office space just minutes from the station.

This is good in so many ways. It will create bright, modern offices in a very visible key location but it will also attract more people to work in the city centre.

And that brings all sorts of benefits to all city businesses.