A NEWPORT artist is holding a treasure hunt across the city to highlight and celebrate Newport’s “amazing” independent scene.

RISE propaganda will be holding the treasure hunt from Sunday, August 20, to Sunday, August 27.

A spokeswoman for RISE propaganda said: “The treasure hunt is free for everyone to play.

“Every day that week a clue will appear on RISE Propaganda social media to lead people to a different Newport venue.

“The first member of the public to appear at a venue and ask for ‘John Frost’ will get a limited edition RISE Propaganda print.”

The spokeswoman said the first 24 people after that, will get a card with a single letter on.

“Once all these cards with a letter have been collected they spell out a word,” she said. “This word can then be sent to RISE Propaganda Facebook or Instagram to be entered into a grand prize draw on August 28.”

The winner will receive a T-shirt, sticker selection and a limited edition RISE print, she added.

According to the spokeswoman, RISE Propaganda exists to “inspire your inner rebel” and "to stand up for what you believe in when everyone else says the contrary”.

Some of the T-shirts designed by RISE Propaganda - The Black Uniform - can’t be bought with money. Those who want the T-shirt need to get a RISE design tattoo, she continued.

“You can’t buy attitude,” she said. “The Black Uniform is our way of saying thank you to the people that believe in what we believe in - positive rebellion in their lives and others that surround them.

“Quite a number of people have had tattoos and there are people as far away as America getting RISE ink. We are deeply humbled by this.

“Getting a tattoo is very personal and for someone to choose your artwork is extremely special.

“There has been no specific tattoo that people have chosen above others, just a RISE design that they feel comfortable and can relate to.”

To find out more, visit facebook.com/risepropagandaart

Alternatively, you can visit risepropaganda.com