A WOMAN has been released from a Portuguese prison after being held for more than three months.

Sophie Grey, 25, from Monmouth, was released on bail on Thursday after enduring time spent alongside “alongside murderers and drug smugglers.”

Her father Roger Grey said his daughter was 'elated' at being freed from the prison near Lisbon, after speaking to her on Thursday evening.

"It is great news, we are all ecstatic," he said.

"I think the support of David Davies has been invaluable, it has made a difference.

"Hopefully now we will be able to get her back in the UK."

Ms Grey was arrested at the end of April after an altercation broke out between a police officer and her boyfriend.

Mr Grey said he is still "no clearer" on the exact charges his daughter faces.

Under her bail conditions, Ms Grey can travel to any of the Schengen Area Countries which does not include the UK.

But her dad said they are seeking permission for her to be allowed to the UK.

Mr Grey has been told they need to pay 3,000 Euros as a bond for the bail within three weeks.

Ms Grey's bail lasts until the end of her trial, which is due to begin on September 22. She is currently staying in a hostel in Portugal.