JUST as our schools re-open their doors for a new academic year, MP’s head back to Parliament after summer in the constituencies.

As always, if you are a constituent in Newport East, please get in touch on jessica.morden.mp@parliament.uk if you have any issues you wish to raise, or want to be added to my parliamentary report email list.

- There are plenty of issues which I will be keeping a close eye on when Parliament returns, including DWP jobs, the Severn Bridges, the roll-out of Universal Credit in Newport, PIPs, and the public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal.

I’m pleased that the government has finally agreed to sanction a full inquiry.

The families of the victims of contaminated blood products, including Newport East constituents, deserve proper answers from the state on the failure of successive government policies and conduct of public bodies.

However, in order for the inquiry to be successful it must be as independent as possible.

MPs and campaigners will be monitoring this closely, and it’s vital that the Department of Health maintains its distance from an investigation which should see the release of all available documentation on the scandal for full public scrutiny.

- Away from Westminster I have taken up constituents’ concerns on a number of local issues over the summer, from fly-tipping and speeding issues to radio coverage of Newport County, and many more.

- A number of residents have raised concerns about an increase in off-road bikes on the streets and public paths of Newport, an issue which the Argus has also covered.

I’ve been in touch with the police on this, and I understand they have been successful in seizing a number of these bikes over recent weeks.

While the police are doing what they can to stop the culprits – including using new drone technology – the most effective tool at their disposal is information from the general public.

If you see someone riding an off-road bike illegally, you can contact Gwent Police with any information and descriptions on 101 or email your local ward officers – details are available on the Gwent Police website.

- Residents in Caldicot have also been in touch to raise concerns about used needles being dumped near public footpaths and playing fields.

This sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable, and puts other members of the public at risk.

I’ve contacted the local authority and police to highlight these concerns, and asked the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service if they can provide any additional educational support to service users about local needle exchanges and safe ways to dispose of needles.