A WOMAN with a fear of flying took on a skydive to raise money for our 125 Appeal.

Nicky Cawley, who has worked for St David’s Hospice Care in Newport for 23 years, took up the challenge to skydive from 15,000 feet to raise money for our appeal which was launched to celebrate the South Wales Argus’ 125th anniversary.

Ms Cawley said: “It was an amazing experience. The views were fantastic, but I’m glad there was no hanging about in the plane and the exit was quick.

“You freefall at 125mph, but once once the parachute was open it was like being sat in mid-air.”

Ms Cawley’s dislike of heights goes back to when she was on a flight to Mallorca where the plane tilted and she thought its wings were going to hit the sea.

She overcame this and a fear of heights to do the skydive.

“You have to do something that challenges you,” she added. “It has helped my fear of flying, and I am considering going on holiday now whereas before I wouldn’t fly.

“As a joke I have said I will do wing walking next, but I don’t know if that will happen.”

“It has changed my life. I’m up for doing more for myself rather than dismissing it or staying at home.”

To date, Ms Cawley has raised £1,500. Anyone interested in sponosting her should visit justgiving.com/fundraising/nicola-cawley1.

We are still looking for fundraisers for our appeal. This money will help with the invaluable work St David’s Hospice Care carry out in our community.

If you can think of fun, innovative or quirky ways to raise money then we would love to hear about them.

To find out more and to register call 01633 777005 or you can also email anw@southwalesargus.co.uk

We will be featuring fundraising activities in coming weeks.

You can also donate £5 to the 125 Appeal by texting ARGUS 125 to 70500. You can make online donation at justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/sdf/SWArgus125