THE Welsh Government's funding of a 50,000 sq ft industrial building to kick-start its plans for a £100 million Automotive Technology Park in Ebbw Vale, has received a cautious welcome in the area.

But there remains anger and disappointment at the decision from Cardiff Bay earlier this year not to back the Circuit of Wales project.

People the Argus spoke to in Ebbw Vale agreed broadly that while investment such as that proposed for the automotive technology park is important, the Circuit of Wales offered the potential for broader benefits.

“The technology park will be welcomed, but the Circuit of Wales would have been bigger," said Robin Angell, who lives in Ebbw Vale.

"It would have had millions put into it. Ebbw Vale would have been put on the world map.”

Daisy Rodway, of the town's Libanus Road, questioned whether the technology park would materialise, after the Welsh Government’s decision on the Circuit of Wales.

“It would have been amazing for Ebbw Vale, and I can’t believe the politicians in Cardiff Bay stopped it," she said.

“The technology park sounds good but will it happen? We were promised the Circuit of Wales but they went back on their word.”

Thomas Porter, 87, also of Libanus Road, believes the automotive technology park is a good idea.

"Anything for Ebbw Vale is good,” he said.

Diane Davies, of Merthyr Tydfil, said the Circuit of Wales would have had benefits across the Heads of the Valleys area.

"It would have brought lots of visitors to the area. The park is a good idea, but the impact won't be the same," she said.

Ebbw Vale resident Dom Jones said: “The technology park won’t encourage tourism. That’s why I’m devastated about the Circuit of Wales.”

Julie Jones, of Western Terrace, Ebbw Vale, said: “You’ll never know how gutted we are that the Circuit of Wales isn’t happening.

“I suppose the technology park will bring jobs, but it isn’t as impressive.”

Evan Fly, another Ebbw Vale resident, said anything that brings jobs to the town is "fantastic."

"There isn’t much here at the moment so anything that does head this way must be welcomed,” he said.

The £100m park investment will be made over 10 years and it is projected to create up to 1,500 new full time jobs.