LAST week we featured a picture of Maindee Square, Chepstow Road, Newport.

This is Maindee Square in Chepstow Road.

From the open top tram and dress, the picture looks to date to before the First World War.

Up until the Second World War, there was a plethora of pubs, almost every few buildings was a pub.

On the right would be built the Art Deco, 1930s Maindee Cinema, now the Godfrey Morgan Wetherspoons pub.

On the left was Maindee School, long since demolished and now a car park.

In the ‘Then’ picture on the left is a cabman’s rest cabin - there was another by where they built the Cenotaph.

Many of the houses in Chepstow Road were originally built as separate terraces, the last remaining one is Bolts Row, you can just about read the name on the wooden name board.

Dave Woolven, Newport

IN THE Now and Then feature we are looking along Chepstow Road, Newport, towards the Eveswell area.

Although the two photographs are similar, the locations are 150 yards apart.

The then photograph dated circa 1907, shows an electric tramcar in Maindee Square, during the 1960’s there were many flourishing family businesses in the area including Griff Davies and Cayzers, both outfitters and tailors, and Harry Stevens, cycles and televisions.

The now photograph shows the corner of the car park at the junction of Merriotts Place, until recently, the site was occupied by Maindee School.

The road to the right is Speke Street, which was named after John Hanning Speke, a British army officer and explorer.

Keith Wood, Newport