AN INTERNATIONAL athlete went out on an unplanned adventure, which resulted in a 100-mile kayak, 160-mile run and 84-mile swim.

Angela Jones, 51, from Usk, said she took five weeks off her outdoor fitness adventure business to explore the Wye River and Valley.

It resulted in a 32-day adventure with her rescue dog, Jack, which involved swimming, kayaking, running and sleeping in the mountains.

Ms Jones said: “For the last 30 years I have been running, swimming and kayaking and wild camping the Wye.

“It runs through my veins, it’s my favourite place in the whole of the world.

“I couldn’t wait to explore it all.”

The international athlete, who owns the outdoor fitness and adventure business Run-wild Ltd, said she hopes to show the fun of outdoor adventures.

She described the adventure as a busman’s holiday – an “unplanned and spontaneous adventure”.

The adventure included running to the source of the Wye from from Hafen Forest.

Ms Jones also took part in a 160-mile run back up to the source of the Wye from Chepstow to the Cambrian Mountains, as well as a 100-mile kayak and 84-mile swim down the River Wye.

During the trip, filmed by the BBC, Ms Jones shared a wild camp with a fox and a mouse.

“We had the most amazing time, no pressure of speed or distance each day just pure enjoyment,” said the international triathlete.

She added: “At the age of 51 and lifetime of fitness and adventure we are never too old to experience the great outdoors and fitness should go hand in hand with enjoyment.

“Fitness for me has always been pleasure not a chore, but make if you make it fun you don’t realise you’re fit.

“If you keep the body strong with strengthening you can turn it into do anything you want.

“I also believe strongly that if your body is strong, your mind is strong.”

Ms Jones said she hopes to encourage others to take similar fun adventures.

Her business offers coaching in running, swimming and kayaking, and provides outdoor fitness classes and adventure weekends.