PLANS to cut funding for domestic and sexual violence services in Wales, regulatory bodies and regeneration have been revealed.

Earlier this month the Welsh Government revealed its draft budget for 2018-2019, including an extra £450 million for the NHS over the next two years, a new £50 million railway station in Llanwern, £10 million to tackle homelessness and plans to borrow £375 million over the next three years.

And yesterday, Tuesday, it revealed its detailed draft budget, specifying where cuts and funding boosts would fall.

Among areas which will face cuts are violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence services, which will see funding decreased by £2.44 million in 2019-2010, while prevention and early intervention services will be cut by a total of £154.08 million over the next two years.

Although funding for rail franchises and service improvements will be cut by £25.29 million in 2019-2020, budgets for rail investment in Wales will increase by £172 million over the next three years.

Meanwhile regulatory organisations will see budget cuts over the next two years, with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate to see its funding drop by £1.06 million. And schools inspector Estyn will see a cut of £271,000 and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales will see funding fall by £271,000.

Natural Resources Wales will also see its budget fall by £3.62 million over two years while Sport Wales will see a cut of £31,000 over the same period.

Wales’ police services will be handed an extra £3.75 million over the next two years and, although fire services will see budgets cut by £90,000 in 2019-2020, overall over the next three years funding will increase by £150,000.

Tourism funding will also increase by £3 million next year, but then cut by £2 million the following year, giving a total increase of £1 million. Likewise, an extra £4 million will be made available to fight homelessness in April next year, but this will be cut by £2 million the following year.

The draft budget also includes an extra £7.5 million to battle flooding, £9 million for NHS training and £1 million for mental health services as well as £35.27 million for childcare and play services over two years.

But substance misuse services will be cut by £500,000, while regeneration budgets will be cut by £2.08 million.

Other planned investments include an extra £14.94 million for community facilities over three years, £1 million for new roads next year and £4 million the year after and £6.43 million for support for entrepreneurs in 2018.

In a statement, the Welsh Government's finance and local government secretary Mark Drakeford said: "The 2018-19 budget marks another important milestone in the devolution journey for the Welsh Government and the National Assembly.

“As well as reflecting the new tax and borrowing powers being devolved to Wales, the budget also reflects the new budget process agreed between the National Assembly’s Finance Committee, the Assembly Commission and the Welsh Government.

"In line with these arrangements, the outline draft budget set out where the Welsh Government’s funding comes from – the block grant from the UK Government, borrowing and taxation – and how it will be allocated between the different ministerial portfolios."

"The detailed draft budget takes these high level allocations and sets out how each portfolio will allocate its budget in line with the priorities set out in our programme for government Taking Wales Forward and our national strategy Prosperity for All.

"The detailed plans also reflect the budget agreement reached with Plaid Cymru.

"These detailed proposals will be subject to scrutiny by the National Assembly committees over the coming weeks.

"The detailed draft budget proposals, including detailed budget expenditure line (BEL) tables, and detailed draft budget narrative document are being made available in English and Welsh on the Welsh Government’s website."