PLANS to build a new residential home to provide care for people living with dementia are set to be discussed.

Monmouthshire County Council's (MCC) adults select committee will discuss plans for a new residential home which would replace Severn View Residential Home in Chepstow.

Early designs for the home in Crick Road, Portskewett, include three households of eight to support 24 people with long-term care and one household of eight to support short term care.

The home will aim to provide 24-hour care for people with dementia.

An outreach care team will also support people living at home, with the plans to include a 24-hour response to outpatients.

A MCC report identified "a number of significant weaknesses" with the current Severn View home which was built in 1979.

The report states: "Bedrooms are not en-suite. This is becoming increasingly unviable and there is the potential to be given a non-compliance order from Care and Social Services Inspectorate in Wales (CSSIW) in due course."

The report adds that the current layout is of long corridors which is "seen as poor practice in care home design."

Various options for appraisal will be discussed, including retaining Severn View Residential Home, inviting other providers to develop a care home and the preferred option of MCC work "in partnership with the wider site development to construct its own residential provision."

Claire Marchant, chief officer for social care, health and housing, Claire Marchant said: “Next week’s Adults Select Committee will examine proposals and options for the development of a new residential home at Crick Road in Portskewett.

"This project is in its infancy but it presents a fantastic opportunity for Monmouthshire County Council to lead on a new model of residential care that supports the highest possible quality of life for people living with dementia and needing 24 hour care.

"While this new home is some years from development, it is important to offer full assurance that Severn View Residential Care Home will continue to provide the best quality of care until such time as the new home is developed."

The issue will be discussed at the adults select committee meeting on Monday, October 30.