A MECHANICAL cog dating from the Victorian era has been put on show on the Newport site from which it had been unearthed.

The industrial relic was discovered in Bettws while developers cleared the site of the former Merry Miller public house, which was demolished in 2015.

It was identified as being part of Malpas Mill, which formerly stood on the site having been built in the mid to late 19th century.

But the building was destroyed in the period after the Second World War.

The purpose of the cast iron driving cog would be to transfer power frm the water wheel to the grindstone mechanism of the mill.

It is now proudly displayed on a plinth within the Old Mill Court housing development, built in partnership by Morganstone, Charter Housing - part of Pobl Group - and Newport City Council.

An accompanying commemorative bronze plaque recognises the history of the site that new residents will now share.

The unveiling of the cog, and the official opening of the estate, was attended by Cllr Janet Cleverly and project team members from Morganstone and Pobl Group.

Ian Morgan, managing director of Morganstone said: “Being involved with redevelopment projects are always unique in their own way and the Old Mill Court redevelopment was no exception, with the opportunity to transform a run-down public house into much needed affordable housing in the area.”

“To come across the cog from the old mill during construction just added to the history of the project and thankfully we were able to uncover, store and retain the cog throughout the construction period and allow future generations to see a piece of our history”

The development will offer 19 affordable homes in the form of five three bed houses, four two beds, one two bed flat and nine one bed flats.

Cllr Cleverly added that the estate had “definitely improved” the area.