LAST week we featured a picture of Newport Market as viewed from across the River Usk.

The Now and Then is of Kingsway, where the Wave is.

Opposite is Capital Taxi and a hairdressers is there, that used to be Harry Wheeler’s fruit and veg, and Newport Market.

A florist is on the corner of Market Street.

Also in the area is the Riverfront Theatre.

In Market Street is the Cross Keys pub.

Also nearby was the Kings Hotel, now closed, and also the Old Green area.

Mrs M Reardon


One significant additional feature to the Riverfront is the Wave, which was designed to represent Newport’s industrial and maritime legacy. Like many sculptures, the Wave attracted attracted different opinions.

My only problem with the Wave is that it is facing the wrong way; waves come upriver from the sea.

David Hando, Newport

Today we see Newport’s Victorian market in Upper Dock Street as viewed from across the River Usk.

There was a much older market here, the site was purchased from the Duke of Beaufort and the present Renaissance style building was rebuilt in 1888 at a cost of £42,000.

There was room for 150 stalls and was once a busy and bustling place.

Now, sadly, there are many vacant stands, and the market is eerily quiet, gone are many of the old, family traders, the market had a life of its own.

Dave Woolven, Newport