SO THE animals will suffer to pay for Brexit.

Every day in the Commons new Brexit horrors pop up.

Last Wednesday I asked a group of experts what will happen to the Welsh Lamb trade post-Brexit.

“It will be slaughtered” I was told by ‘competition from New Zealand and Australian cheaper meat’.

The remedy suggested was that lambs should be exported live, as meat on the hoof is dearer than meat on the hook.

Voters for Brexit did not vote for increased animal cruelty.

Exporting live animals to distant countries in Europe, The Far East or China would rightly outrage public opinion.

That’s a Brexit price that it is definitely not worth paying.

l My lips were sealed on the proposed Ebbw Vale motor racing circuit.

Criticism from south Gwent for a plan that promised much to the north of the county would not have been welcomed.

But I have long been doubtful of the exaggerated promises of jobs and profits and said so in private meetings.

The Welsh Government was right to refuse to invest millions of pounds in a flawed project that would have enriched the promoters by impoverishing the public purse.

Good luck to the area for success of the alternative investment on offer.

l The Argus poll approved of the use of medicinal cannabis by a whopping 78 per cent, with 700 readers voting. Other polls agreed.

Along with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Patients United, I am asking the Government to support my bill. This is not as unlikely as it seems. The Government has already adopted a bill I initiated in January on Presumed Consent for Organ Donations in England.

Allowing legal relief from pain and spasm for the seriously ill is a popular move that will cost nothing. It has been approved in more than half of the states in the US and was an election winner for Trudeau in Canada.

l The Government has sneakily abandoned the Trump State visit. Two million people objected and threatened a rump to Trump demo. My pleas to think again in a debate and letters were rejected. Now the invite has been downgraded to a business visit. No red carpet, gold coach or visit to the Queen.

That’s more than generous to a President who behaves like a petulant child and inflames dangerously every frozen conflict he addresses.